Important Questions




Do I love.... I don't think I can handle....
  • an active dog always ready for any adventure

  • a beard when snuggling

  • a dog that will play fetch for an hour and still want more

  • a dog that will sound the alarm when people approach the house and makes a good watch dog

  • a dog that keeps the varmints away from the house

  • a dog that can out smart me and always challenges me

  • a dedicated dog that wants to be near me all the time

  • a dog that will work for me in the field all day long

  • a dog that does best with positive reinforcement training

  • a dog that can amuse themselves with various games

  • a dog that loves to retrieve and carry things in their mouth

  • to share my bed with a dog and snuggle

  • a dog that can hunt all kinds of game and bring home dinner

  • a dog that all I can do is laugh and smile at his antics

  • an active dog that is always on the go

  • a dripping wet beard after cleaning the house

  • a wet ball always in my lap, with a dog impatiently waiting

  • a dog that let's you know when the mail arrived, the newspaper is delivered or that the neighbor is going for a walk.

  • my bushes torn up as my dog hunts for lizards and other creatures

  • a dog smarter than a 6th grader, that always challenges me

  • a 70b dog sitting in my lap

  • a dog that requires more than an hour of daily exercise

  • a dog that can't handle a heavy hand in training

  • a dog that shreds my pillow to amuse himself

  • a dog that leaves slobber marks on my clothes from carrying them

  • a dog that has to be touching me while I sleep

  • a dog that brings dead animals to me and leaves them on the porch

  • a dog that can be a goof ball at the most unexpected moments

Then a Wirehair may be for me. Then I may want to consider another breed.



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